About Arthur King Racing Stables

Welcome to the "So called Arthur King" Racing Stable!

Currently it is our unofficial name as we are just entering the horse ownership arena with 2 real stables under a personal umbrella. We created the site so we can follow our horses and you, our family and friends, can be a part of our experience.

The name derives from a scene in the movie "Quest for the Holy Grail" where our beloved hero King Arthur is taunted from the castle top by the French knight. The "so called Arthur King" quote is at the 2:10 mark. The beginning also features them riding invisible horses and banging empty coconuts making horse hoof sounds. I plan to inject Monty Python style humor inside our site as we want to keep it fun despite these are real monetary investments.

As we proceed into the future and gain some experience, our long time goal is to create our own ownership rather than be a partner to an existing stable with syndicate opportunities. Our future racing silk design has already been created and can be found on "Our Racing Silks" page.

For now, it's all about learning more about this exciting sport with these amazing 1000 pound animals with the ability to run 40 miles per hour packed like sardines around the corners.

I am working on bringing those who make it all happen to the site for brief chats including but not limited to: Our trainers, Our managing partners, hopefully a jockey, and I am sending a request to former Arlington Paddock analyst Jessica Pacheco and current track announcer John Dooley.

I also have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rick Johnson of Red Rabbit Racing.org. Rick has been an owner with several family members for nearly a decade. Red Rabbit Racing has had several popular and successful horses running at the Arlington International Track. Rick is a very entertaining writer as he recaps each race, pulling no punches over their displeasure with their draw, jockeys failing to follow directions or even personal competitions with other owners. Ricks stable was featured in a series "Racehorse" (2013)directed by Jessica Pacheco. I have to admit watching the series, which focused on the average working families and their involvement in racing, was a large reason I felt we could be an owner. Rick's mantra "Win, lose or last- we have fun" is also something that I take to heart.

Besides the support of my lovely wife, I have been blessed to be mentored by a former horse trainer who was an assistant under Rick Dutrow Sr when they set the national record for wins in a year with 375 (Record has since broken). He went to be a successful trainer on the East Coast battling the likes of the legendary King Leatherbury.

For now we will call this man "Mick", as in the trainer in the legendary Rocky movies, for a couple reasons. First, to respect his privacy. Second, we both used the theme for Rocky to get jacked before his races and my sports.

Mick is retired, but loved the game enough to offer his views and guidance to fellow race enthusiasts online. Mick has been invaluable to me since our horses began to train. This man has taught me how to truly watch what's happening in a race- not just follow my horse or the leaders- how to spot when the horse is in trouble, how to spot a lead horse is out of gas by watching the jockey's hands.

One thing that Mick continually reminds me and is important to anyone interested in owning a horse is "its not how fast the horse ran, its how they ran fast" What seems like such a simple concept, in fact takes a while to sink in to truly understand.

I've learned how trainers train horses and how they treat various injuries. Granted, Mick still sees plenty with his trained eye that I haven't got the hang of yet, but I appreciate the fact he has acknowledged to me how much I have grown over the past 9 months. I told Mick I want to learn and absolutely will not be a waste of his time. The fact remains I also can't learn his 40 years of daily experience overnight.

While I've learned much in the past year, I have a mountain yet to climb. Middle Class moves(those non maiden or Graded Stakes) and race conditions are still a challenge at times. A challenge I can handle in due time as work must come first. Mick, I cannot thank you enough.

Will you join us in our Quest for the Holy Grail(of Racing)?

Register to be a member and you can receive additional info on the horses, email newsletter on races we are entered and Race recaps and well as participate in Race Day chats for days our horses race and the Triple Crown and Breeders Cup races.

Please take a look around and enjoy the site!

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